Lord! You will tell me the time!

Lord, You will tell me the time!

You will tell me the time

before and after each season
In these changes seasoned in time
to see each end free from remorse and

up to the task of each given assignment
Under Your charge and Spirit guidens

To You God,I pray
You will tell me the time

You will tell me the time
doing all that’s the best of me,
not feigning in pretence and never

seeing Your sky as the limit

but heaven before You and with a hearing
and by Your grace to bring down the rains in
the right seasons

God, the very utmost holy
You will tell me the time

Time to sleep and wake up, time to go
and come back and be found at the right place at
the right time and in all things, doing the right things
Fearing nothing, accept You,
Restrained by nothing, but You

God, the creator, the Father, the Son and
also the holy ghost,
Only You will tell methe time!

To redeem the time for the days are evil
You being the first and last,
The beginning and the end,
and all things being between and measured and

comprehended and it’s all to You, less and is Your glory

My Lord and my King, my Father, the God
You will tell me the time!

And when You will tell me the time
to move swiftly with all thou ought under the

charge of Your command,
with all thy standards, according to Your word
and by Your Spirit, Lord Love
You will tell me the time!


Bored! So I dream

Bored! So I dream

Yeah! It’s boring and so


Fast cars and Asphalt girls too

Aim way over every limit in your Spaceship and

suddenly shoot throughout the sky, and – and

Well! You’re gone!

And when you’re gone, there’s no telling!






It’s boring!

In the ruthless world’s set in restless steps

A whole huge programmed pyramid,

a way too much unnecessary –a tempting trail of trials


Diverse collected sets of thoughts,

negative and positive and

this get’s so boring and I so i always dream.


I get bored sometimes and buy time,

time to think my way forward

Sometimes in welling tears,sometimes in grin smiles,

laughing over the whole thing of being human,

Not offending, butjustifying.

Really! It’s boring out here

Lonely, alone and wanting to ball, but writing a borin………?,

A poem about stuff thatbothers me!


Like, at times there’s sleepless nights and not very good days too

and its funny, well! Not very fun perhaps,

to draw lines between the two,boredom and fun!

Like, sometimes, lonely and in wishful thinking,

I fire my gun, real good and wish she were here to ease,

perhaps all of the things that bothers me.

It bothers to think she’s balling with other guys,

To have to think, how stupid, i was not to have seen it coming


It bothers to have to fire the gun and it bothers to think that

some of your readers might think me boring.


Its boring nowadays, not always, but only sometimes,

It just feels like one day only is enough.

Yesteryear too,

there was boredom and people used to die from it.

And maybe you might think this poet lies, but this is true,

it gets me bored to see you boring or bored.

Be happy, be strong and stay strong, be not be a bother and don’t

be bothered, dream and fly away!

LoveWorld-Child (E LChaparadza)

Lovemaking season

Ooh motherly, tender woman, tell me now of your……

d comfortably

wrapped in my babyhood rocking crib

I wailed for my mothers milk

to suck and be swallowed to sweet

Disney rocking dreams, invoked by

her mesmerizing lullaby’s

But today, on bed, alone and thinking

I got whisked to deep romantic ones

where your bras and panties gets

flagged with the breeze along the field path

to our soul dream, home sweet home





Restlessly! with time and in time

I’ll wait for you in the kitchen brewing

coffee and tea and make the delight

of your childhood cookies with butter

and milk with syrup

I’ll wait by the door to see you through

your midnight late work shift vessel

Alongside you, to my kitchen table and feast

first of all, making you calm and fortify you

with kisses brewing with love bites

I’ll spoil you with my western recipes and

treat you with amazements and delights

When it’s midnight’s stand, I’ll caresses you

to you womanly rapture and you’ll charge

by my command and I’ll tease you, as if I won’t

Then while our cravings dance in ecstasy,

while you sigh!

Lady, I’ll make you say my name!

I’ll pick you up in my steady grip

as if you were a baby and lay you on my sleeping lair

and shell off all your clothes and then bed you until

more sighs and then faint ones, until no sighs and we’ll untangle

and pant for the cup that’s now full, but we won’t dress

In our cozy homely covers, we’ll embrace

and get whisked to good night dreams

where you and me never wake until

the sun’s set and drinking dew from the leave

of this splendid, our lovemaking season!

Until the next dawn

Another crack for the light to flow through
Another face for the world to see
A reflection of each other in this clear space
Brews memories of gratitude and sublime
Vessels of simplicity and joy binds us one
From nation to nation this echo resounds
Our lands breathing and beating beneath our feet, sweeping us along
Along to deep chastening thoughts and memories
An inner pulse inspiring our communion
Until coals and then no coals, so vanishes the light
Until rises the next dawn

(Lally and Ephraim–a lovely day by the home affairs)

The cactus lives

In such a forest only the toughest survives
The water had been drained off the land
The valley’s calm and no cry
The lily’s leaf broken and withered of its life
The petals shaken and its soul trampled
So are the roses by the brook and the grapevine by the cave
And the trees up yonder the valley
The axmen has been here steadfast to his axe
He cut him down to the root, his branches well done to pieces
The cattle with his devouring mouth and trampling feet
Munched and munched the grass off
The forest is done and doomed, but one fellow lives

Of love and hate

Son do not despair yourself in dark imaginings
I’ve learned enough of love and hate
I’ve repossessed the love of childhood passion
Have assembled my thoughts and regrouped my emotions
I’m set to breathe out pride and swallow hope
Reprogrammed my mindset and erased past threats
Since I walked in this trail of trials, I’ve learned the hard way
To love them all and esteem the worst sinner with love and prayer
To embrace pain, face terror and measure
Who amongst the creations is better and of noble worthy?
I’ve learned to love them all but never lost the main source
In which all belong and all is re-lived


I have one mind, but two are in this making
The things I hate and will not to do, do torment
That which I love and will to do does melt
My conscious is a binary revolving wheel
I can’t withstand this unmutual gravitation
I can’t understand this confusing sentiment
There’s no synonymity on this never peaceful page
Things are always clashing, things are revolving
Alas, I have one Master, one Maker of this life
Whom I pride to please and make my humble plea
By the name of Christ’s evil, be you and be gone!

I have one life, but another seem to intervene
It undresses my righteousness as it oppose
It snares with trouble over the face of my faith
Convert my doctrine of peace to flames of vain
Encompasses my memory in strain and strife
My only joy jerks back delaying my spiritual progress
My peace is prodded and my power is in need

I have one king, but there seem to be another
Him of corruptive manner, an enemy in my king’s territory
Whose gruesome shadowy figure hides in the dark?
The kid’s candle wicks burn every night with fear
The nations rage and traverse every now and then
The angels of darkness are stirring up the trouble
And God has called over and over again
“If you may only let me help you, if you may only listen
I shall make you realize that the devil you fear is a painted picture
The one Christ has made a public spectacle of!”

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Who’s your dad!

Who’s your dad?

i’m on air high up the cliff, my legs dangling
i’m whisting a new song…………..


A joyous sojourn isn’t measured for lifetime

Alas-the intriguing switch is pardonable

However the steaming search is ever constant

But its not a thing of season, but knowledge

Brothers-joy isn’t in the aridity of beauty alone

Or is it in our specific endeavors

Sisters-happiness isn’t in wealthier charms alone

Or is it in the way we look and feel

Each heart beat, each breathe, each wink of the eye

The ticks and turns of time calculates

What’s profited, what’s lost and what’s missed

It isn’t in careful timing that joy abides

It’s more profitable, more satisfying, and more fulfilling

To all exercise love and virtue above all things

Starting first from the bottom of our inner self

Resonating, undressing the imprisoning dark shell

Emerging in the light peacefully to face all things