The old bastard

So cozy, so fresh a warmth enveloping my old weary body
The dreams have prevailed and drifted to their deep dark cave
Leaving me reunited with a total satisfaction of a king’s rest
Though I yawn craving the one of flying rainbow colors
Anticipating that when the day’s no more, pillow to return
To linger through the glowing orchards of sleepers, dead and alive
And relinquish to the twin of death, away from–this farm hurts
The mooo and muuu sounds of cows, their breasts bursting with milk
The sordid disrespectful kids who vainly drag and brag despite to learn

Away from the farmers rackets and tractors that burst dust and noise
The sister’s who flaunt and blush —giggling and gossiping as they go
Their brothers, what a shame! same old story who’ll sleep with who and why?
Their unlearned folks, tampering our culture and tapering with age

Yes, a king on this fluffy pillow of ages who’s hand died- left me-widowed
But the morning’s good and blessed when you ooze your mind in comfort
It is twice blessed in that there’s no toil here, like a rock steady and unmoved
The dew’s cold outside and who’s that bastard who dare walk stirring it
And who’s that yokel who dare swim the lake startling the peaceful fish
Of who’s parents that lad belong, how dare he drive cattle’s on my farm

Wait till sun shines by the porch, the rocking chair—rocking and watching
Smoke of tobacco drifting from my Grandpa’s pipe, poor him to have left it
This farm has his ghost phantoms during the nights, his grave by the hill-rest
Where no kid or adult dare go, I’ve scared them away long time ago
Rocking and smoking, smoking and rocking here where it started and shall end
I’d be watching my farm, who goes where , how and why? Observing!
The ruthless creatures, unmannered, un-tamed, unlearned, uncircumcised—ugh!

But for now, better to relax, body’s old, weak and should resign from labor–hymm
To enjoy my foreign brandy and crack nuts to roast by the charcoaled hearth
Why should I be tilling this barren and ungrateful land, too stony, too unfruitful
Who cares, let the so called young blooded toil and till, perhaps they’ll yield the lot
Perhaps my stack of a million pounds buried by the willow root will last long
After all, who cares, old goat like me shouldn’t dare be concerned, after all death’s nigh

My long beard and mottled mustache, why think of fantasy under these clumsy lassies frowns. I’m mottoed of age, the label of the grannies and grandies, so fussy and gaunt, they reckon. Who cares, let them be for God sake, they’ll never grow old, perhaps this is immortal age. Anointed with elixir and all the portions of everlasting virgins and never aging blood. Blood bastards! even if I stink like dead mens foul, did you breasted me? Or napkin me? Even if I’m wild with the bottle, you say it’ll kill me, your doctors supports you—ahrrhhrrh

Eighty Seven years of life–you tell me that a child of yesterday who wouldn’t even reach nonagenarian. Who don’t even know the most sophisticated sonnet of Shakespeare–him Keats and others we’re of age. What a generation of fools, all from A to Z, none of them has yet revealed the secrets of life. Still they pretend as if they know, their governments, their scientists, doctors and teachers. What a league of ordinary gentlemen, God to have given life, what a waste of life! they’ll never learn. They say revolution, freedom, we’re setting up motives, we’re almost there—what a pity-(He cackles)

Sure to be a men enough, you could’ve experienced what we did, The wars of Hitler, Napoleon plans. The sinking ships and tankers under Germans ammunitions, the Russian, stupid dogs-protesting. Yes protesting and getting slaughtered like a bunch of unmoving dogs, blood on the child and blood on the mother. What a life, what have you to tell us, we’ve seen it all from Albert Einstein to Che Guevara



Forgive me—oh Father—the ignorance
The daunting disturbing a harsh snare in my spirit
I worry as those fools who knows not the love You have
I get angry over the crude selfishness in my heart
Acknowledging that this too enrages You
I get ashamed over the disobedience acts
Aroused over the condemnation the devil bore over me
My shoulders are heavy laden and greasily week
The drips of my bitter tears have worn my cheek
Day to day the devil put me on trials
He’d say I’m weak and You God won’t hear me
Put him to shame oh my God my Saviour
Arise and shine thorough through my spirit
Cast away all the broken and defeated pieces of the devil
For Your son declare I’m un-guilty and worthy before You
Increase wisdom and zeal over me
Embrace me in the wings of Your dear Spirit
Put upon me the wings to soar higher than eagles
A helmet over my head to break through
A sharp edged sword to slash through all circumstances and trials
Let me triumph and shine more than the early common stars
Break apart the obstructing walls of my enemy
Let me triumph over his ruins and shine in Your glory
I’ve known Your work and attributes since childhood
I’ve known Your never ending strength and glory
I believe in Your signs and wonders and have witnessed both
The unconditional love You son gave to us all who believe
It is my acknowledging You that the devil seeks to ruin
It is Your wisdom imparted upon me that the devil seeks to blunt
Therefore My God My King –Saturate and knead my spirit
Through my soul and my whole being
Let all the devils temptations drip before me like wax
And all weakness burnt down like ashes
Oh Lord I’ve heard for I’ve heed Your voice
As You’ve spoken to me that I’m saved and incorruptible
As You’ve shown me that I’m great and worthy of Your gifts
AS great as Christ for it is He who died for my transgression
Rise for my salvation and righteousness will
That I can live an Incorruptible Kings Life
Draw nearer oh Lord, straighten the acts of my life
To grow stronger and completely partake Your Divine

Though young I am, the train of my experience fills my young mind to the brim
Daily I call upon You name, Daily the devil pursuer to rip me apart from Your path
I’ve been caused to doubt, my faith’s weary, Oh save me Lord lest I fell in the devils pit and rot

The street’s I’ve lived, there I’ve encountered foul and fair
The weather has weathered me, the heat has dealt with me
But why do I still hold on unto You?
Why do I still pursuer Your saving grace and salvation
The light You’ve dressed my spirit in, the spirit of unfailing love
Your glory upon the land, now even the barren fields conceives a harvest
It is it the devil seeks to corrupt, but Your seed Oh God, will never return void
There upon that You’ve send it, there it shall complete the task
I’ve called upon Your name Oh Lord, My God, My solid rock of strength and refuge
Hear here the lamenting voice of Your child, hear oh God my Soul’s thirst for change
My outer eyes longs to see the fruits of my faith, Amen, Amen, I’ve said it already
Amen, i say it now again and forever Amen, for Your sake Oh Lord, I’ll never cease mentioning

I get bitter and depressed over this wicked world
Though they are there who give and those who take
Those who labor and those who cheat
Those who depend upon You and those upon men
I depend Upon Your oh Holly one—my God
Remove vain thoughts of my mind and heart
Help me to cast aside complains and ego
Shield me from the unexpected darts of the evil one
Oh Lord, like Your servant David whom I admire
Whose strength was like that of doubled wild lions
Whose sling slayed giants and wolves
There’s none and I mean it—none I can turn to
You alone the author of my life and daily bread
The world is rightly Yours to its ends—with all
All that reside in the seas and lands, heaven Your Galaxy
As the incomparable act of Christ declares me Yours—oh Lord
What am I to be still lacking—oh Father relive my faith
Let it grew stronger like the smoke of Your fire
That consumes even the rocks are turned to ashes
Your grace, love and kindness prevail since the beginning
Oh—unending God, what shall I compare you to
Here on earth and there in heaven there’s none
Lead me oh Great one, lead me in strength and valor

I slept in the nights roofed with Your sky, there Your stars shine forth
In the ever suspending field of Your heaven where no one dares
Many times You’ve showed me the brightest and I marveled as it winks
That brightest who winks at me every night, what say You Lord
What say You to Your servant?

Hear me Oh Lord, I’m tormented in great pain and sorrow
Since when Father? Since childhood my cries echoes towards heaven
I’ve carried difficult burden over my body and my heart
I’ve had bruises, wounds and scars on my skin and thank there
No bone was broken, the betray, fights and the deaths of my beloved ones
Oh Lord, the earth’s breaking me apart, the sighs and tears I’m enough to
The world is Your and I shouldn’t suffer, the water is Yours yet I get thirsty
What’s the cause of this test that it seem unceasing and unseasoned
Oh Lord have Your forgotten the voice of Your child
I refuse this agony and I yield not to the devils grounds
You alone My God I chose out of all the so called gods of the world
You alone I shall serve to the end


Holly–holly, God’s good
He broke the chains of my enemies
Cast and rot their savagery weapons
Pound stakes in their skulls
And let me trample their bones triumphantly

Holly–holly, God’s Good
He fills my belly with Kings food
My mind with incorruptible wisdom
Eyes with superior visions
And my Soul, He seals His spirit in
Place to places, as He leads me
Leaving marks of His Glory

Holly–holly, God’s Good
His blessings are constant never ending
His smile’s wide and uplifting
It gives me the mood and pace
To move Holly in joy and light


I like my mom, she’s love
The morning milk splash
In my dear loving porridge
The pudding and the cake
Of last year birthday
In all these she’s the delight

Bedtime stories, she’s also
Author—the very best untold
I love her fairy lands and the
Characters from old Bimbo
The little swindling hero
To Violet, the fairy born of flower
He charming eyes that flies roses
And brightest stars

She calls me sweet—she calls me
Darling, she calls me naught
When I lick my plate in satisfaction
She gives me honey—she gives me
More care, when I’m sick I need no
Nurse I did rather prefer my bed
And let her do the nursing

I like my mom, she’s compassion
The tear drops from my dad’s scolding
With her palm gently weeping away
And the embrace by her softly bosom
Makes me ache for my babyhood time
To suck her breast and fall asleep

Princes of the vampire (2)

Rotation brought darkness through the land
And awoke the vampires
Hunger pains gnawed their gullets
Dark hunger—food can’t satisfy
Deep within their bellies—the pain throbbed
Dreadful hunger that could only be released
With gushes of fresh blood

Howling wolves has been sent on hills to herald
They can all hear their breaking sounds
One sighted upon a hill where the moon descend
Howling to the fullest as the moon shakes-trembling
She, the mistress already smelt her prey
Impressed with her darkening achievement

While the craving make their flesh itch
Their muscles sweat and ache
Once again, their skulls constricted
Minds getting churned under the
Unrelenting pressure of craving

Their eyes bulging—tongues hanging down
Stick red brown saliva oozing from them
Like werewolves in sight of fenced sheep

Amidst the creaking of insects
Hovering fireflies and sound night
Half moon cycled with the king’s ransom of diamonds
Scattered and glittering in moistly fear

Darkness has it all enveloped
Accept their eyes of prey and strong instinct to run the night
To detect warm and rich blood

Humans lie still—fast asleep in shadows of distance dream
Snoring and muttering and waiting
Even though they’re not slow to wake
Chores won’t wait even while the sun’s edge’s
Bellow the horizon and darkness is on the land
The ritual should be fairly committed
To sleep and be awaken by the light
The dark’s no human place
There, he can not see to deliver his human purpose

The scratching by the window awake a boy
There’s a white glow of beauty oddly shinning
Sparkling and obsidian eyes and faintly hissing
Looking in the eyes, suddenly the boy knew what must be done
The window must be open; it’s not his will but the eyes
The Princes of the vampires—conceiving souls building her emperor
The Vampire’s emperor that started from the west where the grass’s green
And the humans are fat, rich—the land of milk and honey


Your wilderness pastures fills my breath with total life
Though I shiver through the cold you assemble
The sweat that pours—the scorching heat of your sky
Many times I’ve stumbled on you dry dead logs
Got bruised, the scars I have can testify
Dear kindness, dearly let me survive

I love your grass dew –washing my toes off dust
Your fruits, smashing, ripe and sources of healthy
Your undying streams of fishes and my bathing tab
These forest’s have I not them—couldn’t have survived
But thanks be to your spirit of elixir, wet and unseasoned
Dear kindness, though it gets dry, embraces me in abundance

Still, there are times I cry, longing the kindness of home
Home might be far than the horizons In sight—Home
Home, the journey I took may seem cruel and provoking
Dear Kindness, perhaps this privation should be ritual
Ought to be temporary, be kind enough and lead me

In silence I long and pursue home through your paths
My clothes wet from the shelter less discomforts
The blisters on my toes has dry blood and wounds
I assemble my prayers, broke my tears and grief less
What’s there to gain in kindness—at times I criticize
But I always come back to kindness

Weary, a homeless wondering soul with many a-gifts
To play a flute to the wild birds and species
Enveloped in the dark and cold by a fire warmth
Where songs are composed in the aspiring stars
And these tears do choke your pasturages greens
Tears of longing compelled in hope in the bleak of mind
Dear kindness, make me a king and I’d be fair kind enough

I sing of Angels and Cherubs, of God and Savior Son
I sing of people and the love I dream for them to share
And moreover I sing, peace, unity—home sweet home
Feeling my words echoing angles of heaven and earth
The echoes returns singing back with lovely delight
Of Kindness and me—to make the world a better place


Inspired by Salem’s Lot (Stephen King) & Twilight Saga (Stephenie Meyer)

Deep daunting eerie emotions
Snares and cruel whispers in the dark
The moon’s faded and her children fade
It’s the Vampires cruel breath
Her throat’s dry
Switching away the galaxy
Spreading her invisible net in the dark
Least the prey escapes

Down the dark path is her day’s target
Through the wind, the winding drunkard
Trembling across the creaking bridge in rain
Alone walking–walking home

It’s still raining–still raining
He’s still breathing–still breathing
Still wondering and breathing–still

Still disturbed and confessing confusions
Inhaling darkening elements
Awareness long lost and being robbed
Across the cheek, the drought coming
He’s feeling it, the imminence
A herald to bite and suck
A herald to conceive the unborn yet

He’s staggering, trembling still!
A bleeding conscripted silhouette
It’s the non-believers journey
A golden black eye in the dark
Looking hard, but the way’s broken
Though he’s trying
Won’t they let him exceed home?
Or simply is it the bottle influence?

Had drank enough, but the cup couldn’t pass
Walked enough, but couldn’t stop
The non- believers journey
The new moonlight of life

He swallowed, the bolted size of fear
Trickles of sweat, clots of blood
And the bitterness of dry whiskey
Adding to that, more unrecognized fear
The air’s thick and consumed
He’s not alone

Red glowing eyes teaming up closer from the woods

Step by step, breathing still
Step by step, doubtfully going
And finally ahead heading along, he heard
A rasping voice’s calling
Inhuman in its creaking tone

“Todash–todash, its time you come my love
Come, let’s savoir you up with blood
Here come! Drink this commandment
From your brother’s and sisters reeking throats
Come, join us!”

The unseen voice has spoken and he was down
A naked blood tainted face on top
Stella, the never found
Stella, one who broke his heart
Had disappeared, they’ve said

And more vampires came circling him
Light stamping feet and chanting
The moons dim trapped with dark clouds
Stars are blown and the dark’s doom

He could see all that
Could feel her breast pinning his chest
The voice’s from beneath

“Us, us, for us to drink
Drink your required measure Misses and let us– the same”

He felt the smell of old blood
Saw the red dawning glow of eyes
The deep set jaws of sharp teeth reaching
And her hair thatching across his face
More choking smell

But still he couldn’t resist the eyes
They had their pretty magnetizing fantasy
Of a new home never known
Of an old friend comeback
Reaching to convert a wandering soul

Finally he accepted the eyes
Loved them to their deepest nature
He felt the establishment sinking
Teeth sinking so sweet and gentle
Eyes closed and lost in the maze of the unknown

When he opened them, he was complete
Around they were waiting
He stood and she reached his hand
And all together they marched
Through the thickness of darkness
Valleys of blood and cliffs
Heading to another spoil
Their emperor exceedingly rising!

PECHA KUCHA NIGHT (Cape Town-Gardens)

(Gardens—Cape Town)
Tuesday 6 Oct

Only those who’ve attended Pecha Kucha Night in Gardens can well explain how entertaining it was. It was a night of bliss, highlighting some of the best talented people shows, though crazy and sad it felt at some points, there’s absolutely nothing at all to hate since all was enjoyed and all was done in a way to please, inspire and display awareness.
The show was hosted by Instantgrass members, Priscilla Daniel and the nonesuch Mr. Greg Potterton, with the contribution of other respected members, altogether hustled up and down with the preparations, and on the appointed day, all was gathered and the show ready to begin.

The leopard red wine was brought, the bar hall located in Gardens was loaded with all requirements, it was actually a fine bar fitful for the event, guess still being renovated by the look of the roof when we set within.
Before then, in the instantgrass office, everyone was eager and couldn’t wait. Time was like crawling rather fleeting, I guess those who had something different established for that day craved to hear the results and whatever it was they were after, it was compulsory otherwise with the atmosphere that recent brewed from the talk of that then coming event was somehow enchanting and pricking to the flesh.
In the big hall or you might want to call it the bar, it’s up to you and it’s accepted, either way can definitely do, since every building that can be occupied by a massive band of people like the one we had then can fitfully fit to be called a hall. We all could see how the inside roof was made, with the floor that we all mingled altogether impatiently waiting for the show to begin. There was enough refreshing beer and I guess few were they to drink, the music operated by an amazing DJ, whose name—I just prefer to call Something-Something, since he was nameless flipping good then and you could see with the way his hands were dribbling on the music cradle.
I was amazed at how the speakers roared loud enough to make ears tremble, with the way the roof was covered, the whole vibe was being plunged down in the ears of happily grooving people. I thought it would get hot inside, but never, it was all ways cool. The bar-counter was cornered nearby the seats and there was another one at the other section of the big hall where two identical football tables were placed.

It’s when the presenter, Priscilla Daniel , showed up on stage that’s when the crowd settled and stared where the microphone-d voice talked from. Amidst the sipping and the swigging of liquor, the brushing of shoulders for a closer look and the taming of shrieking voices, the presenter went on grateful for the listening ears and she went on and on and came to halt after addressing the first listed character.
Patricia Matongo, a lady who had entertained us before the important procedures, she was singing and beautifully playing her guitar. You could hear by the way she’s capable to convert her voice to boyish like tone, I guess I wasn’t the only one who mistaken her for a boy.
Apart from music, she briefed out her love in poetry and how her life had turned unfruitful due the economy downfall in Zimbabwe. On the slide page were displayed newspaper articles of the events she had hosted and frankly everyone could see that she had came a long way trying hard to build her dream.
The characters that followed were actually deep creative folks; we’ve got the 1000 drawings guys who talked of how they were making a difference by gathering together drawings of any artists for an exhibition to raise funds for Princess Alice adoption Home who cared for abandoned babies and Paballo Ya Batho that feeds inner city homeless people.
Two guys on the subject of social injustice taking place in Zimbabwe, talked about the outbreak of diseases infesting poor Zimbabwean citizens and addressed certain strategies that should be implemented.
There are many who played roles on this remarkable inspiring and heart absorbing event, writers, graphic designers, artists, musicians and extra more talented people participated. All went well according to how it was planned; the characters did an amazing work and were credited with vivid applauses and bottles of Leopard red wine.
We all got inspired and motivated and perhaps some couldn’t wait to get home and start practicing like some new kids after first time at the BIG block.
The break that latter took place, by then many were already absorbed in alcohol, which means even those who were shy gained their confidence and that caused people to mingle more, strangers became friends; talents were outspoken to each other and contacts were shared. Of course at a place where people with the taste of life met, a little hangover took others to work the following morning and they probably laughed it out the whole day.
It wasn’t a formal gathering, it was an, ANYTHING artistic event that produced a sense in every individual that anything creative is okay and every character that rolled on had to just do the talk and leave the rest to the crowd to digest.

Our world today

‘Internet has become the chief
cornerstone solution for learned man’
E L Chaparadza

Our world today seems advanced and in so many activities, it’s so funny and entertaining, but all these man made attributes are sweeping away the natural human divine. Maybe that’s how it was meant to be, but what swipes that to denial is that by one’s man gain, it turns to be the opposite man downfall, in a sense that reflect the nature of animals, it’s like predators and prey.
In accord to that, there are other issues that prejudice and isolate people, despite that we’re all in the same world, breath from the same source, nourished by the same air, subjects to the same diseases, have the same affections and every one of us conceived from female wombs. If then we accept that we’re all man according to the nature of all that’s mentioned above, then where is the core cornerstone that reflects that? If there’s any positive tempting answer, it’s dull and absurd, look around, the media has it all.
Religions on the other grounds fights to lure minds to their beliefs, and in all religions one probably is true, but the common sense in race, color, native country and even the look, gives us a complicated perspective.
Ritual practice of our forefathers, in the prolonging of generations was re-newed and blended over and over again, being impacted with daunting facts that need careful thinking. They are easy to accept, but hard to practice and understand, they assure you to be safe when you’ve submitted to believe in them. The only excuse of a vexed man could be, ‘I was born in this, born for this’ and amen.
Apart from religions there are other parties, in the world every system is practically political styled. It starts from the communities, the agendas of gangsters, the reformation of society social mentors, the anti litter up-rises, drug rehabilitation programs and many others.
Turning to the cities, where most practices functioning in societies are firstly based before spreading across.

To be continued

The woman that i love!

Maybe there was something
Something, she didn’t told
The woman that i love
Memories of what’s savoured
Night dreams, whispers of words
Not heard, typed with her hand
Served time for two cases
There were poems writen too

to let go!