Bored! So I dream

Bored! So I dream

Yeah! It’s boring and so


Fast cars and Asphalt girls too

Aim way over every limit in your Spaceship and

suddenly shoot throughout the sky, and – and

Well! You’re gone!

And when you’re gone, there’s no telling!






It’s boring!

In the ruthless world’s set in restless steps

A whole huge programmed pyramid,

a way too much unnecessary –a tempting trail of trials


Diverse collected sets of thoughts,

negative and positive and

this get’s so boring and I so i always dream.


I get bored sometimes and buy time,

time to think my way forward

Sometimes in welling tears,sometimes in grin smiles,

laughing over the whole thing of being human,

Not offending, butjustifying.

Really! It’s boring out here

Lonely, alone and wanting to ball, but writing a borin………?,

A poem about stuff thatbothers me!


Like, at times there’s sleepless nights and not very good days too

and its funny, well! Not very fun perhaps,

to draw lines between the two,boredom and fun!

Like, sometimes, lonely and in wishful thinking,

I fire my gun, real good and wish she were here to ease,

perhaps all of the things that bothers me.

It bothers to think she’s balling with other guys,

To have to think, how stupid, i was not to have seen it coming


It bothers to have to fire the gun and it bothers to think that

some of your readers might think me boring.


Its boring nowadays, not always, but only sometimes,

It just feels like one day only is enough.

Yesteryear too,

there was boredom and people used to die from it.

And maybe you might think this poet lies, but this is true,

it gets me bored to see you boring or bored.

Be happy, be strong and stay strong, be not be a bother and don’t

be bothered, dream and fly away!

LoveWorld-Child (E LChaparadza)


About Ephraim-Leo Chaparadza

A Zimbabwean who've fled from his country due the perils it was facing, the basic reason that first came in my mind when i've decided to fled was the condition of my two loved ones, sister and ageing grandmother, i wanted the best for them and to seek the means to expose my talent. Believe me, i've got worlds to share, i know life to a great sophisticated standard, though my english is not quite accurate, with the help of all on this site i'm positively sure i'll pull up. My father was a builder in the Rural areas of Murehwa in Zim, he passed away when i was five and that's how i got seperated from my mother when she returned to her first husband. And i was left in the hands of my aunt, she was a loving and one of the good role model of my life, she followed my father when i was eleven, and i was left in the hands of her children.I had to be passed from family to another and life wasn't quite good at all, i find it very hard to make peace with myself. For more about mylife, i'm on progress of my autobiography titled (The other border jumper). I've came to SA three times through risk means (under the spare wheels of trucks) due my conditon of not having anything to buy me a visa, this is the only choice i had. The third time is this, i've never been home after i've lost my grandma, work being a problem in Pretoria i've decided to come to Cape Town, with an aim to find a ship and sail away, but that wasn't God's plan. In the street i joined a Church (Christ Embassy) it was of great inspiration than any church i've attended before. A friend i met in this Church refered me to a project called Mylife ( ) The main task of the project is this, it empowers youth and children, especially from the street, role modelling and equiping them to be the caregivers of the future. This is where i'm staying now, where i've learned to use computers, and a lot more other things and i'm grateful.

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