Monthly Archives: March 2011


I have one mind, but two are in this making
The things I hate and will not to do, do torment
That which I love and will to do does melt
My conscious is a binary revolving wheel
I can’t withstand this unmutual gravitation
I can’t understand this confusing sentiment
There’s no synonymity on this never peaceful page
Things are always clashing, things are revolving
Alas, I have one Master, one Maker of this life
Whom I pride to please and make my humble plea
By the name of Christ’s evil, be you and be gone!

I have one life, but another seem to intervene
It undresses my righteousness as it oppose
It snares with trouble over the face of my faith
Convert my doctrine of peace to flames of vain
Encompasses my memory in strain and strife
My only joy jerks back delaying my spiritual progress
My peace is prodded and my power is in need

I have one king, but there seem to be another
Him of corruptive manner, an enemy in my king’s territory
Whose gruesome shadowy figure hides in the dark?
The kid’s candle wicks burn every night with fear
The nations rage and traverse every now and then
The angels of darkness are stirring up the trouble
And God has called over and over again
“If you may only let me help you, if you may only listen
I shall make you realize that the devil you fear is a painted picture
The one Christ has made a public spectacle of!”