Monthly Archives: August 2010


A joyous sojourn isn’t measured for lifetime

Alas-the intriguing switch is pardonable

However the steaming search is ever constant

But its not a thing of season, but knowledge

Brothers-joy isn’t in the aridity of beauty alone

Or is it in our specific endeavors

Sisters-happiness isn’t in wealthier charms alone

Or is it in the way we look and feel

Each heart beat, each breathe, each wink of the eye

The ticks and turns of time calculates

What’s profited, what’s lost and what’s missed

It isn’t in careful timing that joy abides

It’s more profitable, more satisfying, and more fulfilling

To all exercise love and virtue above all things

Starting first from the bottom of our inner self

Resonating, undressing the imprisoning dark shell

Emerging in the light peacefully to face all things