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Our world today

‘Internet has become the chief
cornerstone solution for learned man’
E L Chaparadza

Our world today seems advanced and in so many activities, it’s so funny and entertaining, but all these man made attributes are sweeping away the natural human divine. Maybe that’s how it was meant to be, but what swipes that to denial is that by one’s man gain, it turns to be the opposite man downfall, in a sense that reflect the nature of animals, it’s like predators and prey.
In accord to that, there are other issues that prejudice and isolate people, despite that we’re all in the same world, breath from the same source, nourished by the same air, subjects to the same diseases, have the same affections and every one of us conceived from female wombs. If then we accept that we’re all man according to the nature of all that’s mentioned above, then where is the core cornerstone that reflects that? If there’s any positive tempting answer, it’s dull and absurd, look around, the media has it all.
Religions on the other grounds fights to lure minds to their beliefs, and in all religions one probably is true, but the common sense in race, color, native country and even the look, gives us a complicated perspective.
Ritual practice of our forefathers, in the prolonging of generations was re-newed and blended over and over again, being impacted with daunting facts that need careful thinking. They are easy to accept, but hard to practice and understand, they assure you to be safe when you’ve submitted to believe in them. The only excuse of a vexed man could be, ‘I was born in this, born for this’ and amen.
Apart from religions there are other parties, in the world every system is practically political styled. It starts from the communities, the agendas of gangsters, the reformation of society social mentors, the anti litter up-rises, drug rehabilitation programs and many others.
Turning to the cities, where most practices functioning in societies are firstly based before spreading across.

To be continued


The woman that i love!

Maybe there was something
Something, she didn’t told
The woman that i love
Memories of what’s savoured
Night dreams, whispers of words
Not heard, typed with her hand
Served time for two cases
There were poems writen too

to let go!