Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lovemaking season

Ooh motherly, tender woman, tell me now of your……

d comfortably

wrapped in my babyhood rocking crib

I wailed for my mothers milk

to suck and be swallowed to sweet

Disney rocking dreams, invoked by

her mesmerizing lullaby’s

But today, on bed, alone and thinking

I got whisked to deep romantic ones

where your bras and panties gets

flagged with the breeze along the field path

to our soul dream, home sweet home





Restlessly! with time and in time

I’ll wait for you in the kitchen brewing

coffee and tea and make the delight

of your childhood cookies with butter

and milk with syrup

I’ll wait by the door to see you through

your midnight late work shift vessel

Alongside you, to my kitchen table and feast

first of all, making you calm and fortify you

with kisses brewing with love bites

I’ll spoil you with my western recipes and

treat you with amazements and delights

When it’s midnight’s stand, I’ll caresses you

to you womanly rapture and you’ll charge

by my command and I’ll tease you, as if I won’t

Then while our cravings dance in ecstasy,

while you sigh!

Lady, I’ll make you say my name!

I’ll pick you up in my steady grip

as if you were a baby and lay you on my sleeping lair

and shell off all your clothes and then bed you until

more sighs and then faint ones, until no sighs and we’ll untangle

and pant for the cup that’s now full, but we won’t dress

In our cozy homely covers, we’ll embrace

and get whisked to good night dreams

where you and me never wake until

the sun’s set and drinking dew from the leave

of this splendid, our lovemaking season!