Monthly Archives: March 2010


Your wilderness pastures fills my breath with total life
Though I shiver through the cold you assemble
The sweat that pours—the scorching heat of your sky
Many times I’ve stumbled on you dry dead logs
Got bruised, the scars I have can testify
Dear kindness, dearly let me survive

I love your grass dew –washing my toes off dust
Your fruits, smashing, ripe and sources of healthy
Your undying streams of fishes and my bathing tab
These forest’s have I not them—couldn’t have survived
But thanks be to your spirit of elixir, wet and unseasoned
Dear kindness, though it gets dry, embraces me in abundance

Still, there are times I cry, longing the kindness of home
Home might be far than the horizons In sight—Home
Home, the journey I took may seem cruel and provoking
Dear Kindness, perhaps this privation should be ritual
Ought to be temporary, be kind enough and lead me

In silence I long and pursue home through your paths
My clothes wet from the shelter less discomforts
The blisters on my toes has dry blood and wounds
I assemble my prayers, broke my tears and grief less
What’s there to gain in kindness—at times I criticize
But I always come back to kindness

Weary, a homeless wondering soul with many a-gifts
To play a flute to the wild birds and species
Enveloped in the dark and cold by a fire warmth
Where songs are composed in the aspiring stars
And these tears do choke your pasturages greens
Tears of longing compelled in hope in the bleak of mind
Dear kindness, make me a king and I’d be fair kind enough

I sing of Angels and Cherubs, of God and Savior Son
I sing of people and the love I dream for them to share
And moreover I sing, peace, unity—home sweet home
Feeling my words echoing angles of heaven and earth
The echoes returns singing back with lovely delight
Of Kindness and me—to make the world a better place