Monthly Archives: May 2011

Until the next dawn

Another crack for the light to flow through
Another face for the world to see
A reflection of each other in this clear space
Brews memories of gratitude and sublime
Vessels of simplicity and joy binds us one
From nation to nation this echo resounds
Our lands breathing and beating beneath our feet, sweeping us along
Along to deep chastening thoughts and memories
An inner pulse inspiring our communion
Until coals and then no coals, so vanishes the light
Until rises the next dawn

(Lally and Ephraim–a lovely day by the home affairs)


The cactus lives

In such a forest only the toughest survives
The water had been drained off the land
The valley’s calm and no cry
The lily’s leaf broken and withered of its life
The petals shaken and its soul trampled
So are the roses by the brook and the grapevine by the cave
And the trees up yonder the valley
The axmen has been here steadfast to his axe
He cut him down to the root, his branches well done to pieces
The cattle with his devouring mouth and trampling feet
Munched and munched the grass off
The forest is done and doomed, but one fellow lives

Of love and hate

Son do not despair yourself in dark imaginings
I’ve learned enough of love and hate
I’ve repossessed the love of childhood passion
Have assembled my thoughts and regrouped my emotions
I’m set to breathe out pride and swallow hope
Reprogrammed my mindset and erased past threats
Since I walked in this trail of trials, I’ve learned the hard way
To love them all and esteem the worst sinner with love and prayer
To embrace pain, face terror and measure
Who amongst the creations is better and of noble worthy?
I’ve learned to love them all but never lost the main source
In which all belong and all is re-lived