Monthly Archives: May 2010


I like my mom, she’s love
The morning milk splash
In my dear loving porridge
The pudding and the cake
Of last year birthday
In all these she’s the delight

Bedtime stories, she’s also
Author—the very best untold
I love her fairy lands and the
Characters from old Bimbo
The little swindling hero
To Violet, the fairy born of flower
He charming eyes that flies roses
And brightest stars

She calls me sweet—she calls me
Darling, she calls me naught
When I lick my plate in satisfaction
She gives me honey—she gives me
More care, when I’m sick I need no
Nurse I did rather prefer my bed
And let her do the nursing

I like my mom, she’s compassion
The tear drops from my dad’s scolding
With her palm gently weeping away
And the embrace by her softly bosom
Makes me ache for my babyhood time
To suck her breast and fall asleep