The mystrey of wonder inn(summary)

Here are four teaser pages of my uprising book, inspired by Harry Potter, the series writen by J.K Rowlings. Read the summary below before getting into the four special pages where you’ll be set apart from everything and ride through the Mystrey of an Inn appearing at night, and him/her who’s chosen with it, is destined for deeds.

In the surrounding regions of Naim secrets of the ancient assassinated dead had sprout but few knew and few believed the rumours, the whole deal about this believed to be made up encounters with folks mostly claimed to be burning for fame mostly by the statesman’s. But the believers were wrong! The heart of the great king Naimiack had risen mysterious to lead his people and unified all regions to be one as they used to be in his time. Before his death in great decades that have passed, his entrusted nobles and men had assassinated him in order to claim Naim and shared it among themselves, establishing four regions which became known as Naim, Gonaim, Conaim and Ronaim. But now all this has passed, it was history without clear records. Nevertheless, justice and history had to be brought to the present generation, to know where they were from.
The loyal dead of Naimiack had to choose and the chosen one had to go through a test first. Among the chosen one’s was Hornberry, an archer and troubled man who finds it hard to accept his goodness. The test starts when he is on his way to see his girlfriend Hannah, from Gonaim to Naim.
This journey becomes very mysterious when he encounters the mysterious.


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