Princes of the vampire (2)

Rotation brought darkness through the land
And awoke the vampires
Hunger pains gnawed their gullets
Dark hunger—food can’t satisfy
Deep within their bellies—the pain throbbed
Dreadful hunger that could only be released
With gushes of fresh blood

Howling wolves has been sent on hills to herald
They can all hear their breaking sounds
One sighted upon a hill where the moon descend
Howling to the fullest as the moon shakes-trembling
She, the mistress already smelt her prey
Impressed with her darkening achievement

While the craving make their flesh itch
Their muscles sweat and ache
Once again, their skulls constricted
Minds getting churned under the
Unrelenting pressure of craving

Their eyes bulging—tongues hanging down
Stick red brown saliva oozing from them
Like werewolves in sight of fenced sheep

Amidst the creaking of insects
Hovering fireflies and sound night
Half moon cycled with the king’s ransom of diamonds
Scattered and glittering in moistly fear

Darkness has it all enveloped
Accept their eyes of prey and strong instinct to run the night
To detect warm and rich blood

Humans lie still—fast asleep in shadows of distance dream
Snoring and muttering and waiting
Even though they’re not slow to wake
Chores won’t wait even while the sun’s edge’s
Bellow the horizon and darkness is on the land
The ritual should be fairly committed
To sleep and be awaken by the light
The dark’s no human place
There, he can not see to deliver his human purpose

The scratching by the window awake a boy
There’s a white glow of beauty oddly shinning
Sparkling and obsidian eyes and faintly hissing
Looking in the eyes, suddenly the boy knew what must be done
The window must be open; it’s not his will but the eyes
The Princes of the vampires—conceiving souls building her emperor
The Vampire’s emperor that started from the west where the grass’s green
And the humans are fat, rich—the land of milk and honey


About Ephraim-Leo Chaparadza

A Zimbabwean who've fled from his country due the perils it was facing, the basic reason that first came in my mind when i've decided to fled was the condition of my two loved ones, sister and ageing grandmother, i wanted the best for them and to seek the means to expose my talent. Believe me, i've got worlds to share, i know life to a great sophisticated standard, though my english is not quite accurate, with the help of all on this site i'm positively sure i'll pull up. My father was a builder in the Rural areas of Murehwa in Zim, he passed away when i was five and that's how i got seperated from my mother when she returned to her first husband. And i was left in the hands of my aunt, she was a loving and one of the good role model of my life, she followed my father when i was eleven, and i was left in the hands of her children.I had to be passed from family to another and life wasn't quite good at all, i find it very hard to make peace with myself. For more about mylife, i'm on progress of my autobiography titled (The other border jumper). I've came to SA three times through risk means (under the spare wheels of trucks) due my conditon of not having anything to buy me a visa, this is the only choice i had. The third time is this, i've never been home after i've lost my grandma, work being a problem in Pretoria i've decided to come to Cape Town, with an aim to find a ship and sail away, but that wasn't God's plan. In the street i joined a Church (Christ Embassy) it was of great inspiration than any church i've attended before. A friend i met in this Church refered me to a project called Mylife ( ) The main task of the project is this, it empowers youth and children, especially from the street, role modelling and equiping them to be the caregivers of the future. This is where i'm staying now, where i've learned to use computers, and a lot more other things and i'm grateful.

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