Daily Archives: November 19, 2009


Inspired by Salem’s Lot (Stephen King) & Twilight Saga (Stephenie Meyer)

Deep daunting eerie emotions
Snares and cruel whispers in the dark
The moon’s faded and her children fade
It’s the Vampires cruel breath
Her throat’s dry
Switching away the galaxy
Spreading her invisible net in the dark
Least the prey escapes

Down the dark path is her day’s target
Through the wind, the winding drunkard
Trembling across the creaking bridge in rain
Alone walking–walking home

It’s still raining–still raining
He’s still breathing–still breathing
Still wondering and breathing–still

Still disturbed and confessing confusions
Inhaling darkening elements
Awareness long lost and being robbed
Across the cheek, the drought coming
He’s feeling it, the imminence
A herald to bite and suck
A herald to conceive the unborn yet

He’s staggering, trembling still!
A bleeding conscripted silhouette
It’s the non-believers journey
A golden black eye in the dark
Looking hard, but the way’s broken
Though he’s trying
Won’t they let him exceed home?
Or simply is it the bottle influence?

Had drank enough, but the cup couldn’t pass
Walked enough, but couldn’t stop
The non- believers journey
The new moonlight of life

He swallowed, the bolted size of fear
Trickles of sweat, clots of blood
And the bitterness of dry whiskey
Adding to that, more unrecognized fear
The air’s thick and consumed
He’s not alone

Red glowing eyes teaming up closer from the woods

Step by step, breathing still
Step by step, doubtfully going
And finally ahead heading along, he heard
A rasping voice’s calling
Inhuman in its creaking tone

“Todash–todash, its time you come my love
Come, let’s savoir you up with blood
Here come! Drink this commandment
From your brother’s and sisters reeking throats
Come, join us!”

The unseen voice has spoken and he was down
A naked blood tainted face on top
Stella, the never found
Stella, one who broke his heart
Had disappeared, they’ve said

And more vampires came circling him
Light stamping feet and chanting
The moons dim trapped with dark clouds
Stars are blown and the dark’s doom

He could see all that
Could feel her breast pinning his chest
The voice’s from beneath

“Us, us, for us to drink
Drink your required measure Misses and let us– the same”

He felt the smell of old blood
Saw the red dawning glow of eyes
The deep set jaws of sharp teeth reaching
And her hair thatching across his face
More choking smell

But still he couldn’t resist the eyes
They had their pretty magnetizing fantasy
Of a new home never known
Of an old friend comeback
Reaching to convert a wandering soul

Finally he accepted the eyes
Loved them to their deepest nature
He felt the establishment sinking
Teeth sinking so sweet and gentle
Eyes closed and lost in the maze of the unknown

When he opened them, he was complete
Around they were waiting
He stood and she reached his hand
And all together they marched
Through the thickness of darkness
Valleys of blood and cliffs
Heading to another spoil
Their emperor exceedingly rising!