Brief author’s autobiography

Being born two in our family and after the deceased of our parents, I as the only guy grown up, I had to make ends meet, for my grandmother and sister, of course I’ve attended school but not to the very term that I can consider valuable enough to make my education the best, but I’ve believed that from that little I could do more. I believed in my talent of writing and my creative mind that this will lead me to the fulfilment of my dreams. I wanted so much to make my family happy and all that it takes to leave a fruitful life, not only for my family but the suffering of others troubled me as well.

When inflation begins to sprawl in the parts of my country Zimbabwe, I was left with no choice but to just follow the steps of others, so from hearing the rumours that people are crossing over to neighbouring countries to work, I had to go and I had to be quick, the condition of my grandma was totally a nightmare, this all was caused by our situation of being our own fenders through the works of gathering and collecting and a garden that we had, selling vegetables from it to earn money for school fees and food and other needs.

I had three unfruitful times coming in South Africa for work, through risk motives, as hiding under a track spare wheel while crossing the border, and during my sojourns I had fallen in betrays, I’ve been caught and deported back due not having money to bribe the cops and hard labour work when trying to make money, all this made me suffer emotionally and I had no shoulder to lay upon, however, the sense that I was meant for a reason didn’t lick from me, each and every toil I pass in life, I had never let go off this sense. I remained a self soldier equipping myself with hope and prayers that these prolonging situations should come to an end one day.

 During my third time, after when I’ve seen that things weren’t working alright at all I made my first move to Cape Town in aim to seek a ship and sail away, in the streets of Cape Town, that’s where someone referred me to the Mylife project, whereas this project  motivated me in working with computers and social issues.

 Each and every day of my life i fought, if not physically, emotionally and i learned that the inside war isn’t easy than that we fight physically, once one won the one inside then his/her outside begins to brighten. 



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