The writer, a long haunting road

You’re driving along the Deadhood Street
The radio is bursting, loud, hard
Striking your mind, trying to resist
The haunting bloodthirsty atmosphere
This within your mother’s city
And this is you, leaving with unpaid sins’

What you gonna do, in the middle of the night
What you gonna do, dark spirits start frightening
What you gonna do, the dead are coiling your mind
What you gonna do—writer—what you gonna do?

The gas runs out, the car comes to halt
Your chicken heart start to shiver
Cars are long gone; so ain’t hitch hiking

You try to fall asleep, hand clutch a rifle
Something evil is brushing by the window
And you feel cold, very cold
Wandering, yet, all windows are shut tight
What you gonna do?

Startled, you open an eye, there stands
Hovering eyes, glowing red in set view of blood
And when you blink twice, you find them gone
There is one cigar left and you suck it quickly
It’s quite, but you heart is loud, beating
The very beat that makes your readers hearts beat
Are paranoid fantasies catching? No! You believe
Aha, creepy writer fellow, what you gonna do?

Now it’s time to generate a move and start the road
There ain’t colours, just plain empty darkness
And indeed you hit on the road, trying guts,
But doubtful you stand and that’s ain’t faith,
You have to, to see darkness as light
Never the craving for more cigars

Further, after a long walk—aha, there
There is the other city, the midnight city tower
Is now close, you marvel at the tiny light
Being blotted with leaves up the heights
‘There are ancient dead beneath their shadows’
You own book, you quoted, and it’s in the soul
And now haunted by self designs

At last the dim moon emerges
Never with yesterday’s star clusters
Nor the ones that you saw, when having sex
With Molly, on that soothing night
And by then, you hear the familiar sound
The sound of the jackal, then dark spots
Start crawling under the dim moon
Getting dimmer and dimmer

And you know something evil, is out there to kill
You doubt it; really your words can’t be coming
Reality, same said by the scriptures
‘The word became flesh and—and—’
It becomes speechless, you’re doomed
Here they were travelling with you
Here they were activating from your
Dormant memory to terrorise their creator

You wander if ever you would see the light
Or chill on Lilly’s, breast; yes sweet Lilly
The one you’ve got, since molly died—
How she died, writer you know!
The book you offered her had a curse
The secrets of darkness, you shouldn’t had shared

The small glittering dots, you can’t mistaken
For fireflies, they are embedded in darkness
And seem, winking eyes of evils
And you’re out of your comfort zone,
However, not quite enough can it be one,
The four seat Citroen car
Not even any sign of it, perhaps you
Should turn back, but no—you must keep
Going, keep your thoughts steady and
Fear not, and then you shall be saved

You can’t steady them, they are being driven
Your mind is being pressed with the devils fist,
You feel the compression of your body
Getting thinner and thinner, you’re falling in,
In the abyss of darkness, the devils filthy mouth
To swallow and munch———— munch
Great bites, cracking the head on the stone
Plucking the brains out and eat-munch-munch
Blood dripping——and—and

Just thoughts, the force of imagination
You don’t stop—you carry on
Almost trembling and gnashing your teeth
Your stomach is not fine—no! Not at all

Aha, there afar, there is a figure spot walking
Fast, maybe terrified with your presence
Maybe, you should do the same and catch up
Should it be a being or not?
You wonder, but the fleeing remark, made
You quicken, to accompany the stranger

You’ve now got a handsome distance, it’s now
A bit prominent and you can hardly see
The lady in a fray white dress
Her hair being swept with the wind
Barefooted and she looks in need
And indeed moving fast, you’re suprised
You haven’t yet gained the distance
It’s still the same–weird!

Your feet ache, like you’ve walked all your
Life long, you’re thirst and completely tired
You’re afraid to meet her, your heart strongly
Urges, you can’t help it, death or no death
You must face your challenge and fight
And after all, it’s in the book—to fight

Finally you’re close, she doesn’t look back
Though your foot tries the tar to gain her attention
You can see blood on her dress, her feet dripping
Something you can not name, tousled hair but pretty
Yours stands on end, you’re undesirable element
On these parts of land, at the wrong time
And your heart starts to tremble, your mind
Singing a scary meaningless song, incanation
There is no way to stop it, it’s flowing hell’s floods
Your imaginations are very strong, you had pumped this in
Your books had done quite good on the markets
It’s time for pay back–“Pay back–pay back”
Goes the song

What you gonna do, you’re in the middle of the night
What you gonna do, maybe she’s a vampire
What you gonna do, she’s gonna suck you dead
What you gonna do, your characters are after you
What you gonna do, writer, what you gonna do?

The atmosphere completely changes
The snares and whines are tightly coiling
The moon is shadowed with clouds
The dark figure after you is wanly smoking
You want to turn back, but you felt it
You’re stuck, you’re being controlled

She turns back and faces you, pretty and innocent
She stops for you to come, though you fight to cease
But you can’t, you’re hypnotized, she’s pulling you
The way she pulls up her dress for you to see her thighs
While her breast dangles off her dress
Her eyes, every move you take, they change
Her mouth widens, teeth getting long and ready for a bite
And now you know, she’s a vampire, the incuber

Looking like Molly, the face comes closer as if to kiss you
There is a fetid air brushing your nose, the eyes are green
Her face angelic, you can’t resist, you even move over yours’
Receiving the kiss, it’s nice—yes nice, very nice,
The ecstasy is growing strong, and you fear her not
But care for the lustful existence of her lovemaking
She got down on you neck, you set your hand across her waist
And she bites, you feel nothing but pleasure and completely.

Welcome to the night walking dead


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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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