Somewhere down the Broadway Street
There is a little butcher’s daughter
Waiting for her little boyfriend
With a khaki paper wrapping a little meat

Her boyfriend got a little story
It ain’t hard, it ain’t easy
Just this couple is trying to make ends meet
It’s always the ego for a little something
That makes life prevail in a little way

I the writer got a little story too
Which is this, with this little couple?
It ain’t hard, it ain’t easy, just
A piece of paper and a broken pencil

This daughter got a little story too
She’s waiting to explain
The little thing in her belly
However she’s sure, her
Daddy is to freak

It’s always a little chilli in the soup
That makes her daddy gas out rage
She’s thinking to elope with her boyfriend
But afraid that he won’t buy that

A little work, a little money
Her boyfriend is to find it hard
To afford, the little baby
The little girlfriend

A little food, a little medicine
You can’t say this is a little stress
For her boyfriend, he’s all alone

If this little story don’t change the better
One of the little couple is gonna
Commit a little suicide
Where this little story would leaves us?
I say it’s got to be a big story


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