Blood gushing from the dead
Survivor’s fresh wounds
The aftermath, endured war,

“Tell you wife-tell you sweety,
The bitterness of sweating for blood
Never encouraged by peace,
It will evaporate and rain blood
through seasons

For blood streams, flood the
Soldier’s work grounds
Blood on earth, the life source of man

Kids, up, up to bed, you’re luck
Anothers are dead, some still
Smeling milk on the tips of their noses
This is horror,
Nightmares I can’t tolerate,
when I try my anguish on the pillow

Wife do not complain over my bottle’s loads,
I deserve it; to pass out a moment,
Sweety! Listen with a dead heart,
If you’ve got none,
Forbid me to proceed, for
I wouldn’t want you faint
After all, dear
Tonight I might need some

Vultures are getting healthy
Massive flies,buzzing in shots,
Same red tainted dogs, travel
Feasting and howling
For the meat in abundance
Without fights,
Eyes, tongues, intestines, the marrows
And spilled brains
All the taste of a man

Over the headless bodies and
The bodyless heads,
A man had ripped apart a man,
Earth is tangled, a waste! 
The whole population defected,
Oh! Pity, the survivors can
Not do without them
And that’s why they mourn

Massive, massacre is the very
Word to describe
Husbands are gone and sons
Some, with vows left unpayed,
The womb bearers, where
They had sprung from,
Groan and moan night and day 
with continuous stomach-aches,
Dirty children forsaken, weep
On the bossom of their left overs

For what great cause should a 
Man spill what we didn’t fill
Yet the blood that runs through all veins
Is of one will and one purpose

Lands, riches, quantity, all precious
The glory that weave this world
Was not invented by man and shall never
Be ours, all is vanity, all is vanity
And grasping for the wind
For from void we came, there
We shall return

Grounds are soaked
Deeply saturated with cold blood
The very life source that can not be denied
Stories are ravaging bereaved families
And their tears are floods
Causing terror and overwhelming
It’s horror-it’s nightmare
The atmosphere lingers blood



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